Home Cleaning

In our day to day activities, we tend to invite loads of mud and dirt within our house that is ineluctable. The mud and dirt might drop to loads of plant life diseases. For the health protection of the family, we want to stay strict measures for the cleanliness of the house. This the explanation for the existence of house/home deep cleanup services in city (New Zealand).

Need for Steam Home/House Cleaning Services in Auckland

No doubts that you just perpetually keep your house neat and clean and conjointly freed from dust and dirt. However, there are some areas inside the house where you cannot reach merely. The set examples are typically unseen corners, slender lanes, panels & fixtures therefore on. that’s where you’d need the assistance of a house/ home deep cleansing services in Auckland (New Zealand). it’s suggested that you just ought to use the NZ Cleaning Crew Services in Auckland. After all, your house should be free from any type of diseases and infections.


Keeping your house/home neat and clean is as vital as taking care of yourself. There are plenty of advantages of periodic home/house cleanup, like optimum health and sanitized surroundings, if you decide on to go with complete house deep cleanup choice. this may positively assist you in achieving the very best attainable grade of cleanliness at your home.

Just some of the areas in your residence that NZ CLEANING CREW can conduct professional cleaning techniques at the end of tenancy are as follows:
We offer Carpet Shampoo Services at the End of Tenancy clean (Including in the Package) so you don’t need to go around and look for Carpet Shampoo Services separately.

WE Cover this


  • Empty Waste
  • Cobwebs removal
  • Skirting board cleaning
  • Clean Hard floors (Vacuum or mop)
  • Wooden floor mopping (Polishing – extra charge)
  • Wipe Wardrobes (Inside and outside)
  • Cabinets cleaning (Inside and outside)
  • Dust Furniture and shelves
  • Make beds and change bed linens
  • Doors and door frames cleaning
  • General dusting/ Ceiling dusting
  • Window frames and sills cleaning (Including Window glass)
  • All Light switches and bulb cleaning
  • Standard Carpet vacuum


  • Empty waste
  • Cobwebs removal
  • General dusting
  • Skirting board cleaning
  • Mirrors and glass (Clean/ Shine)
  • Clean Hard floor surface (Vacuum/Mop)
  • Tiles/ Walls/ Bathtubs cleaning
  • Toilets (Clean and disinfect )
  • Chrome fixtures (Clean/ Shine)
  • Sink and Bench (Clean and Disinfect)
  • All Light Switches and Bulbs cleaning
  • Walls (Finger print marks/ Spot Cleaning)
  • Cabinets and Drawers cleaning (Inside and Outside)
  • Doors and door frames cleaning
  • Window frames and Sills cleaning (Including Window glass)
  • Shower and shower doors cleaning ( Remove any build ups)


  • Empty Waste
  • Cobwebs removal
  • Skirting board cleaning
  • Sinks (Clean/ Disinfect)
  • Chromes (Clean/ Shine)
  • Bench top (Clean)
  • Oven/Racks (Inside/ Outside)
  • Microwave Cleaning (Inside/ Outside)
  • Range Hood Cleaning (Inside- Filter/ Outside)
  • Fridge/ Freezer Cleaning (Inside/ Outside)
  • Walls (Clean Finger print marks)
  • Cabinets cleaning (inside/ Outside)
  • Hard Floor Surfaces (Mop/ Vacuum)
  • Doors and door frames cleaning
  • All light Switches and Bulbs cleaning
  • Window frames and sills Cleaning (Including Window glass)

Extras are

  • Ceiling Mould removal (Fly spot or Wash)
  • Walls Mould removal (Fly spot or Wash)

If you wish to book these above extras please discuss it with our team at the time of booking.