We are experts in exterior house cleaning, water blasting, roof & gutter cleaning and exterior cleaning of commercial buildings in the Auckland area. We are used to washing all types of buildings from houses, apartments, townhouses complexes through to commercial buildings.

Water Blasting Services Near Auckland for Residents and Businesses, NZCC helps to highlight the value of your properties by maintaining clean exteriors that make them look well-kept and as good as new. Driveways and garden paths that look grubby are not attractive to visitors or prospective buyers. As the owner, you must make sure all eyes are on your property for all the right reasons. To ensure your buildings are kept clean & clear take advantage of the array of Auckland’s leading water blasting services.


Exterior House Cleaning

exterior house cleaning

We provide a range of exterior house cleaning Services to suit your exterior cladding and to make sure that your property is cleaned to the highest standards giving your building or home the freshest look possible.

A soft wash or light water blasting is used to remove dirt, grime, and mould that has accumulated over time.

Our exterior house cleaning Services includes hard wash or hard water blasting which is suitable to prepare your exterior for renovation as it will help to remove loose paint and debris as well as dirt, grime and mould.

If you have a brick exterior with our exterior house cleaning services we use a special and very safe chemical treatment that will help to dissolve the moss and mould that accumulates on the surface.

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

roof & gutter cleaning

It’s important that your roof, gutters and drains are well maintained and not clogged up so they do their job correctly of moving water away from your building when it rains. Our roof & gutter cleaning Services ensures to cleen all gutters and drains.

If you planning on painting your roof our roof & gutter cleaning services will use hard wash or hard water blasting to effectively remove loose paint, debris, grime, mould and moss that accumulates over time. We will also inspect and clean your gutters to ensure you are ready for the repainting.

For regular roof maintenance, we offer a roof & gutter treatment using a special and safe chemical spray with our roof & gutter cleaning service. This will work to dissolve the moss and mould automatically.

Water Blast


We can effectively clean all of your outdoor surface areas such as garden or pool surrounds, cobblestones, tiles, wooden decks, driveways and paths.

Depending on the material of your walkway or outdoor area, we will offer either a soft or hard wash together with our special & safe treatment to keep moss and mould away.

For your timber decks and outdoor areas, we will use water blasting and then treat with a chemical to keep the wood clean from moss and mould for up to 3-4yrs.

Keep your outdoor areas safe for your family and guests with our effective cleaning service.

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