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 Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Services in Auckland

Steam cleaning is of huge significance in all places, where you require high standard of neat and cleanliness. Particularly, individuals require steam kitchen cleaning services in their homes or in catering areas. This is because; such cleaning solutions in food preparation areas play a major role to eliminate dust mites, bacteria, viruses, allergens, mildew, mould and various other dangerous pathogens and that too without the application of any harsh chemical.

We Apply Special Steam Cleaning Technique to Clean Kitchen Surface

Steam house cleaning services in Auckland involves a special technique used primarily for the removal of heavy residues of charred remains or grease from kitchen surface or any other nearby areas of your home. In addition, it acts as an efficient way to avoid contaminants and dirt particles out from most of the surfaces. Steam cleaning services offered by our NZ Cleaning Crew thus able to get rid of a large number of in ground stains, which is almost impossible by the application of any other traditional cleaning method.

Application of Stringent Procedure

Our kitchen steam cleaning services in Auckland always put efforts to apply stringent procedures for killing about 99percent of bacteria and make the entire surface, whether it is bathroom, kitchen or any other area free from any pollutant or chemical residue.

Guarantee about Non-toxicity

Our NZ Cleaning Crew.in steam cleaning services in Auckland give guarantee about non-toxicity in the offered cleaning solutions. This is because; we use only water and heat rather than using any harmful and chemical compound, like ammonia and bleach, foaming agents, chemical additives and solvents.

Expertise in Killing the Hardiest Mould/Mildews

Whether you need steam kitchen or steam bathroom-cleaning services in Auckland, our experts apply steam at high temperature to kill even the hardiest mildew or mould in your property. Our bristles present in the attachment used in the procedure is able to access even the tiniest crevices and cracks as well as several other hard-to-reach surfaces in your property.

Safeguards the Health of Children, Pets and Elder people

We are well verse with the harmful effect and corrosive oxidizing property of a chemical named Sodium Hypochlorite, applicable often in various types of conventional cleaning methods. If pets and children in a home encounters Sodium Hypochlorite chemical, it may burn the eyes, cause severe damages to lungs and result in skin irritations and other health problems. Considering this fact, we provide eco-friendly chemical-free house steam cleaning services in Auckland, so that you get the required cleanliness without bothering about any adverse effect on the health of your family members, especially small kids.

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